Taking the step

This is my time!!!

So yesterday was the day I decided to go into business for myself. though I am a consultant for another business, I do work for myself. I am nervous about starting out. Though i do have a wonderful support team that think i will be great. I am expecting my first child in about two and a half weeks, so that makes starting this business a little difficult on my own. So thankfully I am going with a business that is already in stone, and successful.

Also it is something i use all the time, and love. So I am very familiar with the product I am selling. It’s a wonderful product. Non-toxic, inexpensive, fashionable, east to use, and you can actually design your own on the website!! There is nothing that I personally dislike about this product. We also have ones that match for the little ones as well. “mommy and me”, along with just junior ones.

I was skeptical at first about starting up with my own business, but like i have mentioned before i have an extremely good support team. I really hope to succeed doing this kind of sales position. That way i can stay at home with my son. All while still providing for my family, and of course selling something that I use and stand by 100%. So yes taking this step was very hard for me, because worst case I can’t thrive from doing this I will personally feel like a failure. And that just isn’t OK with me. But at least I will be able to say that regardless of the fear I have I took that first step, and am a Jam-berry consultant!!

So with all that being said, If there is anything out there that is risky and that you want to try, but are afraid to fail. Go for it, you can always find something new if one thing doesn’t work out for you, but in my eye i would rather say i tried and failed rather than having to be stuvk saying I didn’t do something out of fear of failing. You never know what you can succeed until you try.


take a look for yourself!!


Just throwing myself out there!!

Hello, My name is Brittany. I’m 24 years old and live in Florida, the lovely sunshine state. I’m a soon to be mother, and in the process of starting my own business. Which for some it may be as easy as signing their name on a piece of blank paper, but for me not so much. I live i a very little town called Hobe sound. Where there sin’t much going on. you would think it would be fairly simple to get my name out there, but there are a lot of older people that live out here. And well I find it hard for me to relate to them, well because of my appearance. I have tattoos and piercings and short hair. So i don’t necessarily fit in. That’s why my business is going to be strictly online. That and to get it out to the world, I am very talented and creative, and I want to that to be town world wide not just in this little city I call home. ( I think my son is getting excited about this too, he is kicking up a storm in my stomach so it’s a little hard to type when he is doing gymnastics on my organs, lol.) But anyway the business i am starting will consist of homemade jewelry, along with homemade organic lip balm. they will be scented and tinted to my customers wants and needs, with essential oils to assist in healing. I’m also thinking about testing my ability to make homemade organic candles as well. It’s a lot of work to just get set up with the right licensing and documentations where I’m at. There are a lot of regulations i have to make sure i am abiding before i can even say i am officially open. Nothing but work work work!! But i can honestly say it will be one heck of a journey and that’s just to open.I’m hoping with in a month of being open i can start doing custom orders as well so the customers know they are getting what they want, as far as jewelry goes.so they can mix or match with what they want to wear. I will also be making a line of jewelry especially targeted towards men and young men, but that will be further down the road. so until than keep an eye out for Britt’s Creative Creations online!!